Monday, November 10, 2008


I recently realized I have way too much confidence. I think I'm a great person. I'm smart, funny, and quite unique. I'm honestly a great catch. I am loyal, thoughtful and caring. These are truly great qualities- but I tend to take them to the extreme. I'm loyal (to the point of stupidity), I'm thoughtful (to the point of moron-ocity) and I care about people (way too much).

Nobody wants to be someone who annoys people. Nobody wants to be clingy or needy. But I am...we all are.

As humans, we all have this built-in need to be loved. Just as God is in Himself a relational being, so is His creation. We are all made to be loved and to love in return.

The cool thing is, we are loved fully and completely by God. We don't "need" anyone else's love. But we crave it. And that craving can either lead us to complete satisfaction or utter destruction. It all depends on where the love comes from. If love is an expression coming from the reality of God's love for you - it will bring you more satisfaction than anything but God Himself. If love comes from the part of us that doesn't know God's love - it will bring more destruction than hell itself.

I'm aiming for the satisfaction. How bout you?

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