Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's official!

I will be at the captivating retreat!!

How cool is that?! It also sucks though...cause Lea can't go...and that really bites. But I'm glad I get to be in Jacksonville again...Even though most of the weekend will be spent in Orlando. I really do feel like it's home. Crazy.

I got my time off squared away today.

Love you all...later

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the weekend...

I am glad it's here. I am ready to start training. My hands hurt.

Shawn and I are supposed to go to King's Dominion tomorrow. It's just like King's Island - but in Richmond (VA not KY - sorry Todd's). It should be fun.

I bought my tickets for Jacksonville today. I am flying in on Thursday night and back on Monday morning. I haven't asked for time off yet - so it's still not set in stone. I can always use the tickets later if I need to. But - I am pretty sure they will let me have Monday off. Or at least a couple hours in the morning.

If I haven't mentioned it yet - I'm stoked!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So - I am pretty sure I will get to go to the Captivating Retreat on July 4th weekend!!

And I'm excited about it. Way excited.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Why is no one commenting on my blog? I feel lonely.

Are ya'll still reading?

I know my life isn't exciting right now or anything. But I'd like to know if you think of me.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hump day

Today is Wednesday. The days at work go by really fast. This is a good thing.

I sit and put together packets of information for brokers, so they can sell our mutual funds to their clients.

I have a lot of paper cuts...and my back hurts.

Other than that - it's not so bad.

Tomorrow I go in at 9:30 instead of 8:30 and get off at six. I worked an hour of overtime today. It's pretty sweet that I'm on salary - and I get paid for overtime. We also get our first of two annual bonuses on June 30th. Mine will be prorated (of course) and will probably only be $20. But it's better than nothing. The next one will be bigger.

I finally downloaded my sermon to the computer. It is missing a couple minutes because my camera kept shutting off every 11:57 minutes. Ridiculous. So - I'll type out what was missed. But tonight - I am going to go to bed. And continue to read Voyage of the Dawn Treader...for the 80 millionth time. It's the next in the series of Narnia movies. It's gonna rock. Man, I love Reepicheep. Too bad Lea doesn't have a shipmate like Reepicheep. Not that I know of anyway.

That's it for now...

love and miss you all

Monday, June 9, 2008

first day...

Today was orientation at my new job. It was good times. There was a lot of free food - so I was a happy camper/employee.

Tomorrow I start at the distribution center in Virginia Beach. Traffic might suck - I'm not sure yet. But I get to wear jeans for the next month. That's pretty exciting.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Although if I had my choice I'd simply move all of you up here too. If only I was a millionaire - and all of you had no lives or ambition other than to be my friend. Yeah...that'd be nice.

Ari is still adjusting. There's less hissing at Toby - and she's lurking around the house more. She's extra sweet to me. I actually bought her in Norfolk - and it was right after the separation. She was my solace. She literally kissed/licked my tears away.

Time for bed now. And maybe a little guitar.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

my adventure we are. Ari and Virginia.

It was a long ride up. Dad and Ari rode in my car - she meowed for about a half an hour before calming down - not bad. We started out from Orlando at 6:30. Dad drove - I "rested my eyes."

We got to Jacksonville around 9. I finished packing my car with the guitars and got Ari ready for travel. I said goodbye to Connie and Angela, D.O.G. and Mickey...and Mishka. Poor Mishka. She will miss her playmate. And we will miss her.

Speaking about missing...I have cried more this past week than in the past year. My girls...(and the guys too) how I will miss them. I already do.

We started out from Jacksonville around 10 am. Dad drove my car and I rode my motorcycle. We stopped around every 150 miles so I could fill up my tank. After the second tank my butt went numb. It went away once I we stopped and I stood up. But after 20 minutes it came back in full force. The windshield was amazing - I would not have made it very far without it. The cruise control helped. My hands didn't cramp as much as they usually do.

It rained for a while. I stopped and put my rainsuit on. It was soooo hot! It kept me dry from the rain - but soaked me from the heat. Yuck.

No close calls with traffic or anything. A couple jerk drivers - but not too bad. We made it to Norfolk by 9:30 pm. I got a really bad burn on my right wrist. It's a combination of sun and wind burn in a four inch square. It's swollen - it hurts. Other than that - I am sore, my fingers are still a little numb...and I have some blisters. But I am alive. And we didn't have to stop anywhere.

We unpacked my car yesterday. I only have a couple more boxes to put away and I'll be finished with my room. The closet is about 1/3rd the size of what I had at Connie's. Bleh. But - who's complaining? There's no rent...and plenty of food. I'm good to go.

Shawn and I played the Wii last night. Bowling, tennis (I kicked butt in tennis), basketball and boxing. It was good times.

And of course the family played Rook. Mom and I got crushed. Of course...I kinda forgot she was my partner for one hand. And she forgot she called Green trump instead of Red. Good times.

I am thoroughly enjoying the banana bread made for me by Lea's grandma, Yvonne. It's almost gone. And no, I'm not sharing.

Ari is doing pretty well. There was some hissing at Toby yesterday - but she is starting to roam around the house. She even peeked her head upstairs.

I haven't checked it out yet - so I don't know if you can post videos on here. If not, I will post the video of my sermon on my thoughts blog.

It went well. 95% of the feedback I got was positive. The only "negative" feedback I got was just some questions that were left unanswered. Of course - I don't have all the answers...and the point was to make people think. So it's a good thing. I may post something about the unanswered questions later - but right now I am hungry - and going to go eat some more banana bread. Terri - thank Yvonne for me one more time!

Love you all.