Monday, July 28, 2008


Yeah, so I know I suck at blogging.

Training is going very well. I am learning a lot and excited about the job. I've been hanging out with a couple girls from work. It's been fun. There's no one I really click you all in Jax...yet. But I am having a good time.

Holy crap! I just got the Mouths of Lions cd...dang! I got stinking chills man! I am so proud of these guys. Seriously - my jaw dropped a couple times at the pure onslaught of metal and genius colliding. For real.

I was sick this past weekend, so I still haven't seen Batman yet. But I can't wait.

Not too much else is happening. I know I'm just at the beginning of training...but I think I'd make a great trainer. That may be what I pursue next. I made up a song today - for Class A mutual funds. Good times.

Alright - time for BBQ Chicken.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The retreat...

Before the retreat, on Thursday night, we went to Moon River Pizza (yum) and hung out with the boys as well as the girls. It was good times.

Friday, we got up and made 72 hot dogs and gave them out with chips and a coke to the homeless guys downtown. Then we had lunch in the park, and went to get pedicures. Good fun. We drove to Kissimmee and checked in.We rented a four bedroom town house in one of those time share like communities. It was huge and beautiful. Then we went grocery shopping and cooked dinner. Yum. We had our "opening ceremony" and Brandi led it. It was really good.
I measure success by the amount of tears and laughter. It was successful.

The next morning we went to the pool. They had a big water slide and a lazy river. Totally fun. Then we went back to the house and had small groups. We went out to dinner, and then came back. I led the night session. I had written a song. There were tears...success. The first night Brandi had us all write down what makes each person beautiful, and we all had our own sheet. SO, Sat. night I had us read them to each other and then the person had to look in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful." It was difficult for some of us. It is hard to believe we are beautiful when we've been calling ourselves ugly (inside and out) all our lives. But...God makes all things new...and all women inherently beautiful.
Sunday morning we got up and went to Wekiva Springs and went much fun. And we swam in the springs. We saw an alligator too...just a baby one. So cute. Then we went back to Orlando and saw a concert with Shane & Shane and Josh Wilson. Josh Wilson amazed me. He is such a great performer. And what he could do with that guitar - unbelievable. And God spoke to me through His lyrics too. Through the same song that Brandi put on our "Captivating" playlist. Here are the words:

Try and pretend that you're okay
But I don't believe the smile you fake
It's about time that you stopped saving face
I'll meet you where you are,
I'll meet you where you are

Why don't you let me, let me love you
Oh, you don't have to prove a thing
Why don't you let me, let me love you
For you who you are, not who you should be
Let me love youA
nd I will let you love me too

Why are you scared to tell the truth
What do you think you're gonna lose
You know we're forgiven, not accused
I'll meet you where you are,
I'll meet you where you are

Why don't you let me, let me love you
Oh, you don't have to prove a thing
Why don't you let me, let me love you
For you who you are, not who you should be
Let me love you
And I will let you love me

I am letting God love me...just as I am. And He's doing a pretty dang good job at it. You should try it...FR! It's FABO!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am beautiful.

The Captivating retreat was amazing. I have so much to say - but am still recovering from the adventures we had! So - for now...just know - you are beautiful. God made you that way.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home, sweet, home

I am flying to Jacksonville tomorrow. I get in at 5:10p and Kim is picking me up. I am so excited! I am packing today and getting ready.

For those who don't know - Captivating is a book my girls and I have been reading and studying. We/they have met every Sunday night for the past 12 weeks? Or something like that. I had to miss a few because I moved...but I am able to go to the final she-bang! We are spending the weekend in Kissimmee. I'm not really sure what we'll be doing, but whatever it will be awesome! It sucks that I won't be able to see anyone else in Jacksonville...but I'll be back in November/December. And I should be staying for at least a week.

Training starts in two weeks. Whoo-hoo! Can't wait to start learning and stop laboring.

Oh - I saw Get Smart with Shawn last night. Dude...I have not laughed that hard at a movie in a looonng time. I used to watch the original show - and they used all the best props/dialogue from the show. And the Bush-isms...oh my gosh. I died. And I snorted a couple times. And I was drinking Cherry Coke...but not at the same time.

Alright - love you all. See some of you soon!