Thursday, December 4, 2008

When I awake...

Have you ever had something on your mind so much that it takes over EVERYTHING? It seems like no matter what I do, I still think about it. Sure, there are tried and true ways to "change your mind"...and think about something else. But they involve imbibing certain liquids and/or ingesting a creativity-birthing substance. Neither of which I am willing to do. So...I think. And I think. And it's starting to hurt.
And it's really not something I should be thinking about. It's not productive. It's not helpful in any way. I have tried to combat it by filling my head with the exact opposite thoughts. But it's not working so well. It's hard for me to make myself feel a certain way. Although I know it's best to just move on.
So, I ask for help. I ask God to take my mind somewhere else. And do you know where He takes me? To thoughts of the woman I want to be. Loving, honest, open, accepting, challenging, inspiring, hopeful, fun, loyal and servant-minded. Being this type of woman does not involve obsessing over something of which I have no control.

I will not obsess.
I will not obsess.
I will not obsess.

Lea bought me a magnet that says what's above - for our fridge. She knows me a little too well. Did I mention...LEA'S COMING TO LIVE WITH ME!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You aren't allowed to obsess over me coming to live with you, either.

But have I mentioned that I'M MOVING TO VIRGINIA!!!

Samara said...

ingesting a creativity-birthing substance?

Shannon said...

yeah man...the d word. dddrruuuggggs. aren't you supposed to be more creative when you're high? I wouldn't really know.