Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Moving Day

Shawn and I move into our house in TWO DAYS! Shawn's going to get as much done as he can while I'm at work on Friday. And then Saturday we have a Uhaul and will move all the big stuff. And on Sunday we'll be sorting through all the crap we have stored at mom and dad's house and hopefully...throwing a bunch of stuff out. Have I mentioned that I'm excited?

Lea is no longer moving in with us. She has decided to stay in California. Shawn and I were going to look for a third roommate, and still might have to...BUT...Shawn is going to start building computers and selling them. So, hopefully that will generate enough income to pay for a third of the rent. Yeah, that would rock for real.

Christmas has been awesome this year. There's been a lot of Rook played and lots of laughs with the family. I know they'll be sad when we move out - but they'll be coming over a lot. And they have to get their house ready to sell too. It's actually been really great living with them. I was able to save some cash (and pay my bills). But it's time to move out and move on.

Shawn and I are going to start trying churches once we get moved in. We're going to try to find somewhere that has the same theological views as we do. But...that might be difficult. Honestly, I just want to find a church family who will love me like Northside does. The Church of God and I differ on one subject, but I know I am still loved (by most people). The only thing that concerns me is how I will be accepted (or not) in a new church, not hiding my sexuality. And don't worry I'm not flaunting it either. No rainbow stickers for me right now. I am just happy to know how God made me, that He loves me, and that He has a plan for my life.

I don't really know what that plan is right now, but I am looking forward to the adventure in figuring it out. I miss teaching. I miss my young adults. I miss music. I miss leading worship. I miss Northside. And I hope they miss me.

I'll post pics of the house once we get it all in order. Ya'll know my odd sense of fashion, so it should be pretty interesting.

Oh - and I bought a vacuum. SOOOO excited about that. I left my vacuum with Connie (hers had broken) and I miss it terribly. So, I bought a Dyson! Check it out:

Ok - that's all I got for now. Love you!

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Samara said...

First and foremost, I think you need to check out a UU church. You have always known that its not the building that matters but what you believe. ok, I'm going to step off my soap box before things get long and drawn out.

Second, congrats on the dyson. I have a DC17 and I love it. I brought it with me to AK and I will pack it back with me to KY.

Hang in there. Things are looking up. I love you. <3