Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hump day

Today is Wednesday. The days at work go by really fast. This is a good thing.

I sit and put together packets of information for brokers, so they can sell our mutual funds to their clients.

I have a lot of paper cuts...and my back hurts.

Other than that - it's not so bad.

Tomorrow I go in at 9:30 instead of 8:30 and get off at six. I worked an hour of overtime today. It's pretty sweet that I'm on salary - and I get paid for overtime. We also get our first of two annual bonuses on June 30th. Mine will be prorated (of course) and will probably only be $20. But it's better than nothing. The next one will be bigger.

I finally downloaded my sermon to the computer. It is missing a couple minutes because my camera kept shutting off every 11:57 minutes. Ridiculous. So - I'll type out what was missed. But tonight - I am going to go to bed. And continue to read Voyage of the Dawn Treader...for the 80 millionth time. It's the next in the series of Narnia movies. It's gonna rock. Man, I love Reepicheep. Too bad Lea doesn't have a shipmate like Reepicheep. Not that I know of anyway.

That's it for now...

love and miss you all

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