Monday, June 9, 2008

first day...

Today was orientation at my new job. It was good times. There was a lot of free food - so I was a happy camper/employee.

Tomorrow I start at the distribution center in Virginia Beach. Traffic might suck - I'm not sure yet. But I get to wear jeans for the next month. That's pretty exciting.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Although if I had my choice I'd simply move all of you up here too. If only I was a millionaire - and all of you had no lives or ambition other than to be my friend. Yeah...that'd be nice.

Ari is still adjusting. There's less hissing at Toby - and she's lurking around the house more. She's extra sweet to me. I actually bought her in Norfolk - and it was right after the separation. She was my solace. She literally kissed/licked my tears away.

Time for bed now. And maybe a little guitar.

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