Tuesday, January 27, 2009

for a friend

is it silly?
this rule.
Is it the remains of my teenage years?

Is it outdated?
This conviction.
Or does it just serve to calm my fears?

Where will this go?
What could this be?
Could he be the one?

How will I know?
How will he know?
or is it just innocent fun?

I made a promise
I'm sticking to it
Does that mean I'm a prude?

Or could it be
a part of me
which I will save for you

the one created
just for me
I will wait til then

against temptation
against the odds
with God's strength...I shall win

MA - I wrote this right after we talked on the phone. It was written quickly...and on post-its. It's definitely not good poetry, but you were on my mind. And this is what came out.

Whatever you decide...know this: God adores you. He has wonderful, creative ideas for your life. Keep talking to him...and He'll let you know what to do.

Much love.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Shannon. I love it. It is perfect. You are perfect. Thanks. :)