Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 minutes

I have four minutes before I start working. I am on my new schedule of 8:15am to 5:15pm. I get out of work a little later, and the traffic is a little worse. But not too shabby. I still get home in 25 minutes or less.

I get to double team with a couple of my new teammates this week. Double teaming is where I sit beside them and listen to them take phone calls...and hopefully learn something. There is SOOOO much to learn for this job...it's insanity. But I love learning. So, it works.

Lea comes to visit in three days! I am pretty happy about that. My mom is equally as happy. Can you believe my mom and Lea have never met? Hopefully we'll get to go to lunch together this week.

Alright, four minutes is up.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for opportunities (of a lifetime, really)! I can't wait. Love you.