Thursday, March 26, 2009

apples and...

cream cheese fruit dip.

We had a wedding shower for Allison (a girl on my team) at work today. It was fun. I just met her a couple months ago, so I failed the Allison Trivia Quiz. But I wrote a poem that everyone liked, wishing her well in true mutual fund fashion. There are tons of apple slices left over, and I've been stuffing myself with them. It's better than eating the cupcakes my mom keeps bringing over.

Mom came over and watched American Idol last night. I was about to fall asleep, so she went home before it was finished. I will watch the rest tonight. My brother has watched more reality tv since we moved in together than he would ever want to. But I think he enjoys it in his own way.

I am trying out another new church this week. I've been to seven churches in the Hampton Roads area, and none seem to be a place to call home. It's frustrating. But I have been in dialogue with the pastor at the church I'm trying this week, so hopefully it will be a place I can get involved in. After so many years of ministry, it just feels weird to go to church and sit in the back. There's no one to talk to afterwards, no fighting over where to go to lunch, no hugs...I miss Northside more than I can say. I am hoping God leads me where He wants me. And I am hoping I will follow.

I love you guys. And miss you terribly.

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I love you.