Friday, October 3, 2008

First half day on the phones!

Today is our (see subject line).

Starting on Monday we will be on the phones full time for 8 weeks. Then we will be in Processing Training where we will be processing applications, investments and all sorts of goodies. Sometime early next year I will stop being a trainee...but I'm sure I'll continue to learn all sorts of good stuff.

This weekend should be pretty awesome. I'm psyched about it. I'm supposed to hang out with some new friends of mine. And the weather is absolutely gorgeous. It's crisp outside, and you can smell fall coming. Love it!

I miss Jacksonville. Not sure if I mentioned that lately. Ha.

But I'm also not sure I've mentioned how stinking happy I am. Well...I'm pretty darn happy. But beyond that...I am full of joy, and love.

I hope it overflows into your lives today.


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