Monday, September 1, 2008

you want me to WHAT on labor day?, I got a little story.

I washed and waxed my car on Saturday - it's gorgeous. Then I went to pull my motorcycle out of the garage to wash and wax it too. And I still had my wet flip flops on. I slipped. The bike started to fall over towards the wall. My finger got trapped between the handle bar and a shovel. It was there for almost two minutes. I yelled for help. I couldn't move my feet or my finger without risking a worse injury. My dad finally heard me and came running. He pulled the bike off my finger. Oddly enough, it was the crooked finger which I broke when I was 13 or so. It felt like I broke it again - but it was only badly dented in. It has since healed and I am now using it to type. Pretty sweet.

Tomorrow I have my funds test. We have had to memorize thiry nine fund names, initials and numbers. And the names are super long, e.g. Limited term tax-exempt bond fund of america. They will give us a blank sheet of paper and we have to write them all. I got it down. I was out to lunch today and telling a friend about the upcoming test. A girl at the table next to us heard me and asked if I work for American Funds. I said yeah and she continued to tell me I work for the best mutual funds company out there. I think she's right.

I told my manager I would like to get into training. I think I would make an excellent trainer. It suits my personality. We'll see how it goes. I am still enjoying my job - and tomorrow is jeans day. I'm super stoked about that one!

I miss Jacksonville - and I miss my friends. But I am glad to be here. My brother and I got to hang out today. And my whole family played rook tonight for a couple hours. Good times. Dad and I are going to start working out together.

It's past time for bed now. I'll check ya'll later!


Samara said...

Wow. I wish I had an awesome job that I liked. Good luck on your test.

Samara said...

Oh have you read our alaskan blog?

Shannon said...

i started to read it last night. sounds cold. are you enjoying it?

Samara said...

we are having a pretty good time. I need a job.

goldeelox20 said...

I miss you too, Shannon! i'm glad your finger's okay. I'm sure that hurt pretty dang bad! ouch! I'm flying home from Kentucky tomorrow, so keep me in your prayers! love you!