Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home, sweet, home

I am flying to Jacksonville tomorrow. I get in at 5:10p and Kim is picking me up. I am so excited! I am packing today and getting ready.

For those who don't know - Captivating is a book my girls and I have been reading and studying. We/they have met every Sunday night for the past 12 weeks? Or something like that. I had to miss a few because I moved...but I am able to go to the final she-bang! We are spending the weekend in Kissimmee. I'm not really sure what we'll be doing, but whatever it will be awesome! It sucks that I won't be able to see anyone else in Jacksonville...but I'll be back in November/December. And I should be staying for at least a week.

Training starts in two weeks. Whoo-hoo! Can't wait to start learning and stop laboring.

Oh - I saw Get Smart with Shawn last night. Dude...I have not laughed that hard at a movie in a looonng time. I used to watch the original show - and they used all the best props/dialogue from the show. And the Bush-isms...oh my gosh. I died. And I snorted a couple times. And I was drinking Cherry Coke...but not at the same time.

Alright - love you all. See some of you soon!


Lea M. Booth said...

So, how was it? The new server we're on isn't letting me send anything to iwon... Got any other options?

I will try to call you before we leave this country, but BE PATIENT!

Shannon said...

Can you send to my hotmail address and I'll start checking it: or can you give me your new address?
The retreat was amazing. I'll tell you all about it once I can email you.
Love you,