Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home, sweet, home

I am flying to Jacksonville tomorrow. I get in at 5:10p and Kim is picking me up. I am so excited! I am packing today and getting ready.

For those who don't know - Captivating is a book my girls and I have been reading and studying. We/they have met every Sunday night for the past 12 weeks? Or something like that. I had to miss a few because I moved...but I am able to go to the final she-bang! We are spending the weekend in Kissimmee. I'm not really sure what we'll be doing, but whatever it will be awesome! It sucks that I won't be able to see anyone else in Jacksonville...but I'll be back in November/December. And I should be staying for at least a week.

Training starts in two weeks. Whoo-hoo! Can't wait to start learning and stop laboring.

Oh - I saw Get Smart with Shawn last night. Dude...I have not laughed that hard at a movie in a looonng time. I used to watch the original show - and they used all the best props/dialogue from the show. And the Bush-isms...oh my gosh. I died. And I snorted a couple times. And I was drinking Cherry Coke...but not at the same time.

Alright - love you all. See some of you soon!


Anonymous said...

So, how was it? The new server we're on isn't letting me send anything to iwon... Got any other options?

I will try to call you before we leave this country, but BE PATIENT!

Shannon said...

Can you send to my hotmail address and I'll start checking it: or can you give me your new address?
The retreat was amazing. I'll tell you all about it once I can email you.
Love you,